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Transforming the Way Comic Shops do Business

ComicHub changes how you run your comic store by providing you with a set of Amazon and big box department store retail solutions, allowing you to operate your medium-sized business like a big business. ComicHub links all partners in the comic book industry with specialized tools for publishers, suppliers, creators, retailers, and fans, allowing for effortless data sharing, marketing, ordering, purchasing, data analysis and communications, all of which are seamlessly integrated to ensure the print comic industry thrives in the digital era. Most importantly, ComicHub is retailer-centric, with all orders and sales processed through brick & mortar retail stores, thus preserving the unique place of the comic book store in popular culture.


ComicHub is a comprehensive system that covers all facets of your business. Every tool and button in ComicHub exists because someone who owns or manages a comic store has requested it to either improve their workflow, enhance their communication with their customers, or to save them time and increase profits.

ComicHub Retailer

Designed by Comic Book Retailers for Comic Book Retailers

At the heart of ComicHub Retailer lies a powerful, fully-integrated POS system from where ordering, supplier communications, invoicing, stock, online and in-store payments, customer communications and sales are managed. An ever-growing set of bespoke marketing tools has also been created inside the POS that target customers based on their ordering and purchasing histories, with campaigns sent via both email and direct to their online accounts in ComicHub Customer.


ComicHub POS is supplemented by a dedicated ComicHub Retailer website where retailers communicate with customers, manage store profiles, receive regular updates and notifications from ComicHub Support, view publisher announcements, and access ComicHub’s comprehensive set of online training modules.


The Features

  • The ComicHub POS system
  • Smart highly-targeted marketing tools
  • All online sales and ordering directed through your store
  • Integration with Diamond, Lunar and Penguin Random House
  • Comprehensive training manuals and online support
  • Bespoke stocktake and convention app
  • Overnight installation with previous ComicSuite data conversion
  • Dedicated data backup protection service
  • Customized communications with customers
  • Free eCommerce website branded to your store
  • Website linked to the global ComicHub product directory
  • Regular software updates
  • Secure online payment gateway
  • Free ComicHub Customer website and app
  • Access to over 650,000 line items (and counting)
  • Customized gift cards branded to your store
  • Bespoke rewards program branded to your store
  • Publisher announcements

ComicHub Customer

When Customers Have Control of Their Ordering They Order More

Complementing ComicHub Retailer is ComicHub Customer, a set of online tools designed to give your customers complete control over their ordering and purchasing via a free website and app. Each month, all items released by major suppliers are uploaded directly into the ComicHub system and presented in itemized carousels in the customer tools, showing local pricing, story synopses, preview pages, the status for what is on order and what is available to order online. The carousels let a customer know what is in their current search, what is in stock in their favorite store, upcoming items, alerts to events and crossovers linked to their subscriptions, their order history, subscription lists and a full index of items in their collections.


To maximize your profits, ComicHub has designed a set of bespoke smart marketing tools in POS which send campaigns direct to the customer’s tools in specially designed carousels based on their ordering history. Publishers can also market direct to fans based on their history with any orders made directed through your store. Getting your customers to engage in their new eTools increases orders and keeping them engaged and requires very little effort on your part. All orders are sent direct to your POS for approval, giving you complete oversight over your customer ordering.

The Features

  • Complimentary customer website and app
  • Items displayed in carousels according to status
  • Custom searches by genre, creator or brand
  • Subscription management
  • Online ordering and payment
  • Management of collections
  • Publisher and retailer marketing based on order history
  • Item searches across entire ComicHub network of stores
  • All events and crossover titles posted in dedicated carousels
  • Suggestions of related items based on ordering history
  • Suggestions for items missing from customer collections
  • Ability to browse all in-stock items

Online Training & Support

ComicHub has developed a series of comprehensive training manuals that are grouped into themed modules and follow the regular work flow of a comic shop. To complement the training, ComicHub hosts online support sessions three times a week at 5pm EST for new and existing users to answer any questions or issues you may have during the training process. In addition, the ComicHub Retailer Community is a tight-knit group who are willing to lend a hand and help new users navigate their way through the training via the ComicHub Retailer Facebook group.


Pricing & Requirements

Registration & Installation

  • $150 annual app development fee
  • $150 monthly POS fee
  • $100 one-off fee for each extra lane install
  • $100 one-off fee to convert from ComicSuite
  • $10 monthly Cyber Protect data backup fee
  • $15 monthly SendGrid bulk email fee

Cardknox Payment Gateway

  • For online and/or in-store payments
  • From $250: Cardknox card machines (one per lane)
  • Installation costs and competitive transaction fees

ComicHub Premium

  • $200 a month minimum fee or 1% of online sales, whichever is the greater

Compatible Hardware

  • PCs, printers, barcode scanners

ComicHub has been designed to preserve and enhance comic shop culture, so in order to join the ComicHub Retailer community you must have a brick and mortar store and be open to the public at least 40 hours a week.

ComicHub Premium

For Retailers Looking to Get More Out of Their ComicHub Experience


ComicHub Premium offers an advanced subscriber-only set of tools to make your business operations even more streamlined and profitable. ComicHub Premium is charged at a percentage based on ComicHub-generated online sales. You won’t pay more until you start to earn more. ComicHub Premium is charged at a percentage based on ComicHub-generated online sales. You won’t pay more until you start to earn more.

  • In-store stock listed in the ComicHub Customer tools
  • In-store comic supplies presented in carousel at check out
  • Multi-store rewards
  • Suggested sales to customers from their order history and local stock
  • Suggestions for items missing from their collections
  • Ability to browse all a store’s in-stock items online


What Comic Book Retailers Have to Say About ComicHub

Since switching to ComicHub it has made multi-store functions almost seamless. The time it has saved us has opened hours to focus more on other projects, upping our productivity rate. Also, the online sales tools for website and customer portal have added a new dynamic to our sales that, in the current world climate, has been more than helpful.

Jon Engel - New Dimension Comics, Pittsburgh PA

ComicHub saved my business (and my sanity) when the pandemic took my store from eight staff to a one-man-show overnight, and that is only half of why I love it. The system has turned customers who previously never deviated from their sub lists into complete whales! I have customers who would come in once a month and could never remember what they wanted placing online orders multiple times a week. It is a beautiful thing and I highly recommend it.

Eitan Manhofff - Cape & Cowl, Oakland CA

ComicHub served us well as a small shop with nearly 100 subscribers. After we expanded our operation by buying our nearest competitor, overnight taking on hundreds of subscribers, ComicHub proved invaluable. Comics ordering is always a tricky beast, but with all our customers’ needs met and all our sales data at our fingertips, we’re more than confident that we are ordering what we need and what we can sell. Teach the system to your customers and you’ll be rewarded – one of our biggest customers after a 15-minute walkthrough from my partner now places daily app synchs and has gone from a $300-a-week big fish to a $700 – $1,000-a-week lifesaver. Trust us, it works!

David Murray – Telegraph Art & Comics Charlottesville, VA

ComicHub has completely changed my business in ways I never thought possible. Orders for every publisher are up; from Marvel and DC to the smallest self-publishing company deep in the back of the catalog. Books and items I would never have through to order for the store are selling because customers are able to see them with modern customer tools like the ComicHub Customer site and app as opposed to flipping through a giant catalog. ComicHub is not a “good option”. It’s the ONLY point of sale system any comic retailer should ever consider. I could not imagine running the shop without it.

Ryan Higgins Comics Conspiracy. Sunnyvale CA

Join Us for a Tour

The first step into ComicHub is to participate in one of our live online tours, which are held at 5pm EST each Monday. The tours are led by Stu Colson, CEO and founder and lead developer of ComicHub, and they take around one hour. The tour will provide an overview of the ComicHub Customer tools, the Main POS tools, the ComicHub Retailer website, and the marketing tools.

To sign-up simply fill out the form below, select a date, and we will be in touch.

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