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A Retail Information Flow Solution

Designed by Comic Shop Retailers for Comic Shop Retailers

Crucial customer data, cutting-edge web marketing tools, regular upgrades and so much more. Increase your revenue by selling comics smarter.

Pricing & Requirements

Setup & Launch

  • ComicHub Point of Sale (POS) system
  • Includes conversion of previous POS data
  • eCommerce website
  • Customer Android and iPhone app
  • Free customer accounts in ComicHub Customer tools
  • Fast turnaround with overnight installation
  • $100 fee to convert from ComicSuite
  • $100 fee + hourly rate to convert from other POS
  • $150 annual customer app development fee
  • Additional lane installs (LAN only) $100 per lane

Low Monthly
Service Plan

  • $150 a month per store
  • ComicHub Point of Sale (POS) system
  • Web hosting
  • Regular software updates to entire ComicHub system
  • Customer updates to ComicHub app
  • Free customer access to ComicHub app with notifications and sales branded to your store


  • You must have a brick & mortar, pop culture branded retail presence and be open a minimum of 40 hours per week to the general public
  • A third-party gateway payment gateway account (Paypal and/ or CardKnox)*
  • An independent credit card trap for transactions at your POS
  • A SendGrid account
  • TeamViewer
  • Screen resolution 1920*1080 (21-inch screen)
  • RAM 8 GB or higher (12 GB recommended)
  • i7 or better processor
  • Windows 10
ComicHub does not provide peripheral support. When choosing hardware, defer to providers with excellent customer service. In the case of barcode scanners and receipt printers, we do recommend the following products.
  • TEEMI 2D barcode scanner
  • TSP 650 receipt printer

Get Started

ComicHub is an ever-growing system that will help you control every aspect of your customer's experience with your shop. As a result, we require that you participate in one of our live online tours designed to show you all the parts of the ComicHub system and give you the opportunity to have all of your team's questions answered. To sign-up for one of our tours, fill out the form below and one of our agents will be in contact soon.